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News, Mike Roup has been drag racing since 2003. He has been street racing ever since he could drive...) In 2006, he won the Super Truck championship racing his 1956 Ford F-350 in the NMCA Edelbrock series. See a picture of the truck doing a wheelie in the Gallery. Also in 2006 he won the Super Bowl diamond ring by winning the race between the NMRA and the NMCA truck classes. Returning in 2009, Mike and the same F-350 won the championship in the NMCA Open Comp class. See pictures of friends and fellow racers and of the final race in Memphis under the 2009 Racing Season link in the Gallery.

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Featured Photo1956 Ford Truck
This 2-time world champion (2006 and 2009) in the National Muscle Car Association is powered by a 427 big block Chevy engine with a 275 horsepower of nitrous. The truck was converted to a racing vehicle at Mike's Auto Repair.